Service Options

We have Factory Trained Certified Technicians to perform repairs on your pressure washer, and offer you the following service options:

Service at our Dealership:

Generally designed for portable units, dealership service is your most economical choice for your washer repair.  Simply bring in your pressure washer and our trained technicians will quickly analyze your problem.  We maintain a huge inventory of OEM Hotsy parts to provide prompt service.

We now offer a quick service program. Simply call in advance and schedule an arrival time / date, and we will have a technician ready to repair your unit when you arrive.  This program is designed to save expenses for customers who have a significant distance to travel to our dealership.
(Feel free to go grab a coffee or bite to eat while you are waiting.)
***** Please understand that your unit may require being left at our facility if it cannot be repaired in a timely manner. *****

NOTE: In cold conditions (below 35°F) precautions need to be taken to keep your unit from expensive freeze damage. Properly winterize your unit before exposing it to cold temperatures – even for a few minutes. Please see the video on this page for winterization procedures. If you cannot winterize your unit, only transport it in a heated environment.

On-Site Service:

If you are unable to bring in your unit, we also offer on-site service.  Our factory trained technicians will travel to you location with a heavily stocked trailer having the parts necessary to complete most repairs. If more extensive repairs are required, your machine may need to be brought back to our dealership for service. 

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Program:

If you are interested in having us perform the proper maintenance on your pressure washer, we can do so either at our dealership or on-site at your location.  With our scheduled maintenance program, we will inspect your machine twice a year utilizing an extensive checklist specifically designed for your unit style.  If needed, we can adjust the program for more frequent inspections.

In addition to the checklist, all units will receive a pump oil change, engine oil and air filter change (if so equipped), a burner tune-up, and a pressure check and adjustment if necessary.  The first hour of work on your unit is included in the program.  Charges for any additional parts and/or labor beyond the first hour will be additional. Our technician will always ask for you approval before performing any repairs beyond the inspection checklist and scheduled services.  Call our office for further information or to set up a preventive maintenance program for your Hotsy unit(s).