Hotsy Detergents

Professional Biodegradable Hotsy Detergents

Hotsy’s cost effective soaps are specially formulated for use with hot water pressure washers and cold water pressure washers. We find that many people are using far more pressure washer soap than they need to clean even the dirtiest jobs. Are you using too much?  We can quickly show you ways to save time and money.

No matter what you need to clean, and no matter what your budget, you’ll find a Hotsy detergent that suits you. Available in a wide variety of quantities – from five-gallon pails to 55-gallon drums, and even Bulk Packs with up to 200 gallons of on-site storage.   Hotsy gives you a variety of pressure washer and parts washer detergents to suit your cleaning needs and ease your budget.

Hotsy Transportation Cleaning


Hotsy Transport Fleet Cleaning Detergent

All Purpose HD Cleaner

Hotsy Power Shine Vehicle Cleaner

Vehicle Surfaces

Hotsy Carbonate Detergent

Exhaust Stains

Hotsy Verde Detergent

Environmental Preferred Ingredients

Hotsy Aluminum Brightener

Extra Strong Acid  for Non-Polished Surfaces

Hotsy Industrial Installation


Hotsy Ripper 1 Detergent

Dirt / Grease / Oil

Hotsy Super XL Detergent
Industrial Cleaning
No Metasilicates
Hotsy Carbonate Detergent

Fiberglass / Plastics
Organic Stains

Hotsy Breakthrough! Detergent

Surfaces / Grease / Oil

Hotsy Blue Thunder Detergent

Building Exterior / Awnings

Hotsy Construction Cleaning


Hotsy Super XL Detergent

All-Purpose Cleaner

Hotsy Breakthrough! Detergent

Dirt / Road Film / Exhaust

Hotsy Ripper 1 Detergent

H-D Grease & Oil

Hotsy Carbonate Detergent

Dirt / Road Film / Exhaust

Hotsy Brown Detergent

H-D Grease & Oil

Hotsy Farm Equipment Cleaning


Hotsy Ripper 1 Detergent

Dirt / Grease / Oil

Hotsy Power Shine Vehicle Cleaner

Road Film / Painted Surfaces

Hotsy Carbonate Detergent

Organic Stains / Fiberglass / Vinyl

Hotsy Carbochlor Detergent

Crates / Pens

Hotsy Polished Aluminum and Stainless Cleaner

Stainless Steel

Cuda Front Load 2530 Automatic Parts Washer


Cuda AP-1000 All Purpose Detergent

Automatic Washers

Cuda MPW-1000 Automatic Parts Washer Detergent

Manual Washers

Cuda Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Chemical

For Automatic Washers

Cuda Defoamer Additive


Hotsy Tubmate Parts Washer Detergent

Iron & Steel Cleaner


Hotsy Con-B-Gone Concrete Remover

Concrete Splatter Remover

Hotsy Vital Oxide Disinfectant

Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Hotsy Phosphatizer No. 2

One Step Phosphatizing

Hotsy Carbochlor Detergent

Chlorinated – Food Processing

Hotsy Miracle Wizz Detergent

Baked-on Carbon Removal

Data effective January 1, 2021.  Specifications and product descriptions subject to change without notice.